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CT Fletcher’s long-awaited Swoliosos is finally releasing on June 8th

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Last year the reputable line of supplements from CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts brand was slowly phased out which included products like Midnight Dream and the powerful pre-workout Sidewalk Kraka. Around the time the line faded out, an image surfaced of an entirely new Iron Addicts supplement called Swoliosis.

Since that initial look at Iron Addicts’ Swoliosis, we haven’t seen or heard anything more until this week. CT Fletcher has now announced that Swoliosis is finally going to be available for purchase in just over three weeks on Saturday the 8th of June, and it will be a pre-workout built to boost muscle pumps.

The only details we know about Iron Addicts’ Swoliosis is that it has a tub weight of 351g, giving it an 11.7g serving size if it has 30 servings per tub, and it is coming in a Compton Coolaid flavor. We’ve also learned that Swoliosis is just one of three new supplements on the way from CT Fletcher and Iron Addicts.

iron addicts swoliosis

The other two items confirmed are a BCAA named Sleeve Buster and a pre-workout called Sidewalk Kraka. Both of those titles were used in the previous line of Iron Addicts supplements although while Sidewalk Kraka has kept its category the same, originally Sleeve Buster was the name of the brand’s pump pre-workout.

We’re not sure when Iron Addicts’ Sleeve Buster or Sidewalk Kraka will be made available, as Swoliosis is the only product we have a firm launch date for at the moment. We are quite interested to see how the whole lineup from CT Fletcher turns out, especially since the last one had some very effective supplements.