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King Cake Review: Delicious and subtly sweet, cake-like protein snack

king cake review

King Cake is a unique high protein snack from Ronnie Coleman Signature Series that instead of delivering its protein in the usual bar or chip format, it does it in a fluffy cake. The product comes in a convenient little pot that you simply throw in the microwave for a minute and a half and it comes out as an actual cake.

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series’ King Cake is made with real food ingredients including eggs, coconut sugar, peanut flour, and yeast. As mentioned, it is a high protein snack, with the product’s primary source of protein keeping with that real food theme being quality whey protein concentrate.


Ronnie Coleman Signature Series’ King Cake is everything you’d expect from a protein-infused cake and more. The product is just as soft and fluffy as an actual cake but of course with a nutrition profile more in line with a protein bar providing 19g of protein, a little less than 30g of carbohydrates with 13 to 15g of that sugar, and around 300 calories.

king cake review

The soft and fluffy King Cake also delivers on its two title flavors in a rather subtle kind of way, although it is about on par with the strength of a traditional cake. The Chocolate Brownie King Cake has a light chocolate flavor that becomes more brownie-like as you chew each bite thanks to its cakey consistency.

The Chocolate Brownie comes with delicious chocolate chips as well that really sweeten up the whole experience when you come across the handful included in each cake. While the Chocolate Brownie King Cake is good, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Peanut Butter Chocolate is just that little bit better.

Similar to the Chocolate Brownie, the Peanut Butter Chocolate King Cake has a light peanut butter flavor; however, it holds its taste a lot longer. It also has chocolate chips that pair perfectly with the peanut butter and make for a much more complete flavor. Both of the King Cakes have tiny coconut pieces throughout, but add more to the consistency than the overall taste.

king cake review


As Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has done many times before, its latest protein snack has both surprised and impressed us. Not only has it brought together a quality mix of ingredients for King Cake, but the product delivers an even better experience in terms of taste and consistency, that makes its name more than suitable.

At a time where we’re seeing more and more supplement companies, as well as new brands, enter the functional food market, it is great to see a veteran company come out with something so unique. King Cake is a great snack that provides its protein in an enjoyable and familiar format, and while its macros are a bit higher than a protein bar, it does make it worth the sacrifice.