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Ronnie Coleman’s delicious King Cake packs 19g of protein for 294 calories

ronnie coleman king cake

King Cake is a unique new protein snack from Ronnie Coleman’s supplement company Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. The product sets itself apart by being a heat and eat, protein-packed cake instead of your more common protein bar, cookie, or chips.

While Ronnie Coleman’s King Cake is a cake style protein snack, its nutrition profile is not too bad. A single cup of the product provides a reasonable 19g of protein, 29g of carbohydrates with 4g of that fiber and 15g added sugar, 12g of fat (5g saturated), and a total of 294 calories.

ronnie coleman king cake

The way in which you prepare Ronnie Coleman’s King Cake is as mentioned earlier; heat and then eat. The protein snack comes in a cup that you simply add water to, throw in the microwave for a quick minute, then it comes out hot, and ready to eat and enjoy.

King Cake is made with real food ingredients, including quality whey protein, which is what gives it the high 19g of protein per cake. The product is due to be out and available within the next few weeks in two flavors with Peanut Butter Chocolate and Double Chocolate.