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Kodiak teases a mysterious supplement seemingly designed for nighttime

kodiak nighttime supplement

Kodiak has dropped a mysterious teaser image for what we have to assume is some sort of new nighttime supplement. The brand’s teaser features a blacked out tub surrounded by clouds and a starry night sky, hence why we think it is a product designed for that crucial nighttime window.

The big question of course is, if we are correct and the mystery Kodiak supplement is a nighttime one, what is its point of difference? The brand does already have that type of product available with Anabolic Coma which is a reliable and effective formula for deep sleep and noticeable recovery.

We’re guessing the Kodiak supplement is one of two things; a nighttime product with different ingredients and intentions from Anabolic Coma. The other possibility is the brand is teasing an improved version of Anabolic Coma, which would be exciting since it’s already a solid supplement.