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MST introduces Drive Me Crazy an anytime boost in energy and focus

mst nutrition drive me crazy

The German company MST Nutrition has released a new capsule formula intended for whenever you need a nice boost of energy and focus. The brand has decided to name the supplement Drive Me Crazy, which features a handful of commonly used ingredients that are all openly and transparently dosed.

Making up a maximum, two-capsule serving of MST Nutrition’s Drive Me Crazy is 600mg of taurine, 100mg each of theanine, green tea, rhodiola, and guarana, and 80mg of gingko biloba. The product does of course also include caffeine at a dose of 200mg along with 4mg of black pepper to improve absorption of everything.

As mentioned, MST Nutrition has both revealed and released its energy and focus enhancing capsule supplement today in the one 90 capsule bottle size. That amount of capsules is enough to get you 45 maximum servings or 90 single servings, with Drive Me Crazy expected to be in stores and stockists very soon.