Myogenix teams up with Black Market to perfect its revamped Spawn

Myogenix spawn

Back in January, the supplement company Myogenix partnered with the original underground brand Black Market for a collaborative pre-workout in Hyper Stim. Today we’d like to officially introduce Myogenix and all that it has to offer with a wide variety of products that cover all of the major supplement categories.

This month Myogenix has introduced another pre-workout with a revamped version of Spawn, which sees the brand partner with Black Market once again. Myogenix worked with the original underground brand to perfect the stimulant side of the all-new Spawn and promotes the supplement as powered by Black Market’s stimulant pre-workout, Stim.

Myogenix spawn

While Myogenix has put a lot of focus on the stimulant side of its updated Spawn; energy and focus ingredients aren’t all the brand has thrown into it. You can see the full facts panel for the pre-workout directly above that combines the Stim blend with 5g of pure citrulline for pumps, beta-alanine, taurine, and alpha-GPC for focus.

For those that are new to Myogenix or want to give its line a go, you can check out its website but also stay tuned as we’re teaming up with the brand for a giveaway. We’ll be running that giveaway next week with a variety of prizes including its multi-vitamin Myovite, post-workout Aftershock, and the new and improved Spawn.