NOCCO teaser hints at a Miami Strawberry like flavor for its Ice Pop

May 12th, 2019
nocco miami strawberry ice pop

The Sweden-based No Carbs Company NOCCO, has started teasing another flavor option of its completely sugar-free Ice Pop with just 20 calories per pop. The brand has only shared a short video clip where we get a glimpse at a blurred out version of the product surrounded some somewhat suggestive graphics.

Based on the imagery NOCCO has used in its teaser of the upcoming Ice Pop flavor, we’re guessing the product is a pop version of its recently released Miami Strawberry. The colors and graphics in the short video are extremely similar to the brand’s limited edition Miami drink, hence our guess at the mystery item.

There is also a good chance NOCCO is doing an Ice Pop inspired by its latest limited drink because it is something it has done before. Back in 2017, the brand introduced its Caribbean drink then in 2018 we got the exotic Carnival, both of which were followed up by Ice Pop flavors featuring the same name and branding.

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