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NOCCO’s latest limited edition drink gets turned into an Ice Pop

nocco miami strawberry ice pop

As suspected based on the teaser image the brand shared yesterday, the No Carbs Company NOCCO has indeed launched an Ice Pop version of its latest limited edition drink. This was exactly what the brand did back in 2018 as well as the year before that when it released Caribbean and Carnival Ice Pops.

NOCCO’s latest low-calorie popsicle flavor is Miami Strawberry, a spin-off of the limited edition drink of the same name that dropped back in March. The new Miami Strawberry Ice Pop is said to have the strawberry-based taste as the original beverage which is said to be inspired by the vibrant and warm city of Miami.

According to NOCCO, its Miami Strawberry Ice Pop is available in stores and stockists starting this week. Fans can find the brightly branded product in the freezer sections of the major convenience chains 7-Eleven and PressbyrĂ„n in NOCCO’s home country of Sweden.

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