Latest Not4Pussy pre-workout discontinued just days after its release

May 20th, 2019
not4pussy nootropic discontinued

Last week the German brand BPS Pharma officially launched the latest entry in its Not4Pussy family of pre-workouts with Not4Pussy Psychodelic-P-Matrix. It is a high focus product that also includes ingredients to help provide other common pre-workout benefits such as increased energy and improved performance.

While BPS Pharma did only just release the supplement, today it has announced that Not4Pussy Psychodelic-P-Matrix is being discontinued. The brand says the decision is due to certain regulations in some countries regarding a couple of the product’s ingredients, although it is going to relaunch it at a later date but with a new formula.

All orders of BPS Pharma’s newest Not4Pussy pre-workout will still be fulfilled with the supplement continuing to be available through until the end of next month. The brand has not confirmed when the new version of Not4Pussy Psychodelic-P-Matrix is going to be available, only that there will eventually be one.