Nutrabio’s EAA Natural gets its first actual flavor in Strawberry Lemonade

May 31st, 2019
nutrabio strawberry lemonade eaa bcaa natural

On the impressively large list of product releases from Nutrabio so far in 2019, there have been a few flavors combining strawberry and lemon. Back in March, the brand launched Strawberry Lemon Bomb for Alpha EAA, Pre, Reload, and Intra Blast, then in April the flavor was also added to BCAA 5000 and EAA Pure.

This week Nutrabio is at it again, bringing together the tastes of strawberry and lemon for the slightly different named flavor creation, Strawberry Lemonade. The latest option from the brand has been added to two supplements, both of which feature completely natural formulas with EAA Natural and BCAA Natural.

While Strawberry Lemonade is Nutrabio’s third flavor for BCAA Natural, it is its first for EAA Natural, as up until now you could only get the supplement in raw, unflavored powder. Nutrabio will be making the two new products available first through its online store later today, where both will cost you $34.99 per tub.

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