Old School Labs releases two keto supplements without ketones or MCTs

old school labs real keto series

The golden era inspired supplement brand Old School Labs has introduced two new keto titled products this week with the Real Keto Series. The supplements making up the brand’s latest line are Real Keto Pre-Workout and Real Keto Fat Burner, which are of course a pre-workout formula and a fat burning product.

Old School Labs confidently promotes that neither of its Real Keto Series supplements feature exogenous ketones, which is something you’ll find in a lot of other keto named products. The brand says it didn’t include ketones or the other common keto ingredient MCTs, so that your body can burn its own fat for fuel.

Real Keto Pre-Workout

The Real Keto Pre-Workout features a pretty solid mix of ingredients for sustained energy and mental focus, as well as strength and performance benefits. Old School Labs also designed the supplement to help reduce and even prevent symptoms of keto fatigue while exercising.

old school labs real keto pre-workout

You can see the full combination of ingredients behind Real Keto Pre-Workout directly below which is broken down into groups for different benefits. The product includes ashwagandha at 125mg per serving, 3g of creatine monohydrate, and the caffeine blend Keto Caff with 100mg each of caffeine anhydrous and sustained release caffeine.

Real Keto Fat Burner

As for Old School Labs’ Real Keto Fat Burner, it comes with a reasonably complex formula as well for a variety of benefits such as enhanced metabolism and mood, appetite control, and sustained fat transport. It also has a lipotropic blend to help prevent hitting typically frustrating weight loss plateaus.

old school labs real keto fat burner

You can see the fully transparent formula behind the weight loss supplement in the Real Keto Series directly below including the likes of guggul extract, caffeine for energy, and 5-HTP. As mentioned, the Real Keto Fat Burner has a lipotropic blend on top of everything else featuring four ingredients in choline, methionine, betaine, and inositol.

Where to buy

Fans of Old School Labs can now head to the brand’s official online store to purchase either or both Real Keto Series supplements at $34.50 for the pre-workout and $10 more at $44.50 for the fat burner. While the weight loss supporting product comes in capsule form, the pre-workout is a flavored powder with just the one Green Apple taste to choose from.