Performix announces an official partnership with John Cena

May 9th, 2019
performix john cena

Performix has announced a partnership with the one and only John Cena, a well-known professional wrestler, and star of many major movies. The partnership sees Cena become the lead of the brand’s non-profit charity the FitOps Foundation, that runs all-expenses paid courses for veterans to become certified personal trainers.

“John Cena has built his entire brand around helping others achieve greatness, encouraging those around him to never give up. At Performix we believe we make the best supplements in the world, but that’s not enough, we also want to inspire the world through the power of fitness. That is why we are joining forces, to fuel that purpose through our aspirational brand, life changing foundation, engaging content and efficacious product.” – Performix CEO Matt Hesse.

The FitOps Foundation isn’t actually where John Cena’s partnership with Performix ends, as the brand has confirmed a few other things the pair have planned. Next week on Friday Performix will be launching an advertising campaign featuring Cena, and he is also going to be working with the brand on new supplements and fitness platforms.

Performix has actually already confirmed it will be releasing its first collaboration a number of weeks from now, sometime during the month of July. The product will come under the brand’s SST family, with SST being the name of its line of weight loss supplements. Regarding the upcoming collaboration, Performix’s CEO says “It’s a first of its kind launch and will shift the entire category”.

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