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REPP shares a list of possible names of its limited edition Raze Energy

limited edition raze energy

As we get closer to the launch of the first-ever limited edition flavor of Raze Energy dropping July 4th, REPP Sports has revealed more details about the product. The brand announced the upcoming flavor last week that will feature a patriotic red, white and blue color scheme and an illustration of the Statue of liberty.

This week REPP Sports’ has shared a list of possible names of the limited edition Raze Energy that still has us guessing what it will actually taste like. The list of names includes Firecracker, Apollo, Cherry Lime, American Muscle, Cyclone, ‘Merica, Ice Rocket Freeze, Freedom Blast, Star Blast, Patriot Pop, and Rocket Fuel.

If we had to guess, based on the colors, we think it’ll be Freedom Blast or American Muscle, although Rocket Fuel or Ice Rocket Freeze would be great if it’s a Bomb Pop flavor. As mentioned, REPP Sports plans on releasing its unnamed limited edition Raze Energy on July 4th, which is now only five and a half weeks away.