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Pump Chasers launches its unique hangover supplement Cut-A-Rug

pump chasers cut a rug

The Pump Chasers supplement brand from Chris Jones recently added a uniquely named mass gainer to its still rather small family of products with Mass For The A$$. For May, Pump Chasers has also dropped a supplement named Cut-A-Rug, which is another unique release regarding what it’s designed to do.

Pump Chasers Cut-A-Rug is a post-party relief product, or more simply a hangover supplement. The brand has packed a total of six transparently dosed ingredients into Cut-A-Rug with the aim to help alleviate hangover symptoms and have you feeling a little better the morning following a big night out.

The Pump Chasers hangover product includes highlights such as milk thistle for liver health, and dihydromyricetin which has shown it can help curb the effects of alcohol ingestion. Also thrown into Cut-A-Rug alongside those two is taurine, n-acetyl-cysteine, thiamine, and ginger for anti-nausea support.

Cut-A-Rug is now available over at Tiger Fitness at the reasonable price of $19.99 for a full bottle of 40 capsules. A single serving of the hangover supplement is four capsules, so each bottle will get you ten uses working out to just $2 a serving.

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