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Chris Jones’ Pump Chasers introduces its gainer Mass For The A$$

mass for the ass

Mass For The A$$ is the newest product from Chris Jones’ Pump Chasers line of supplements, and you can probably guess what kind of product it is. Mass For The A$$ is a mass protein formula although unlike most gainers on the market, its list of features doesn’t stop at protein, carbohydrates, and calories.

Pump Chasers’ Mass For The A$$ covers you fairly well on the nutrition side of things with 26g of protein, 60g of carbohydrates with 27g of sugar, 14g of fat, and 440 calories. The macros come from quality ingredients with whey as its only protein source, oat flour for carbs, and the fat provided by a mix of MCT oil powder and Clean Cream.

As mentioned, Mass For The A$$ does have an extra feature on top of the high carb nutrition profile to help with strength and performance. That feature is the unique Outlast creatine which is a branded combination of creatine monohydrate and Palatinose to improve the absorption of the creatine and provide a longer lasting fuel source.

At the moment the Pump Chasers mass gainer comes in the one flavor with Chocolate Marshmallow and the one 20 serving tub size. You can pick up Mass For The A$$ alongside the rest of the Pump Chasers lineup from the supplement retailer Tiger Fitness where a tub will cost you $54.99 each.