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Snoooze Review: Impressive sleep enhancer in a convenient carto-can

snoooze review

One of the many companies that stood out to us when we attended BodyPower this year was Snoooze and its sleep-enhancing drink supplement. Snoooze comes in a small 135ml carto-can that could almost pass as a shot, and is designed to support your natural sleep cycle and help get you to sleep and stay asleep.

The nighttime product comes with a natural mix of ingredients including lemon balm, passionflower, valerian root, hops, and lime blossom. When we were at BodyPower we purchased a few carto-cans of the Snoooze drink for review, getting both versions with the regular and heavier dosed alternative labeled as “Strong”.


We’ve always been big fans of supplements that can help with sleep and recovery, but we’ve never tried a drink to get the job done. To be honest, we didn’t really expect too much from Snoooze coming into our review, not because it’s not in the usual pill or powder form, but because it doesn’t include a lot of our favored ingredients.

snoooze review

Much to our surprise, Snoooze delivers an outstanding sleep-enhancing experience that isn’t overly strong, but its benefits work their magic in a very natural way. Essentially, not too long after you drink Snoooze, you start getting a bit drowsy, which then gradually builds into a full-on lethargic, sleepy state.

It is the speed in which Snoooze gradually makes you feel tired and encourages you to get to bed and lie down, that makes it such a different, natural kind of experience. It’s an interesting change of pace compared to that sudden and sometimes hard-hitting sleepiness you get with some pill and powder sleep aid supplements.

To make Snoooze an even more complete nighttime solution, it also delivers a deeper sleep, exactly as promised. It doesn’t push you too deep so you’re sluggish or groggy in the morning; once again it does it quite naturally. It has you waking up much the same as normal, although feeling a bit more refreshed and re-energized.

snoooze review

When it comes to the two versions of the drink, we did notice a bit more power with the Strong Snoooze. That gradual sleepiness comes over a bit faster and heavier in the stronger option; however, the deepness of sleep comes off pretty much the same along with the same refreshing wake up.


As mentioned, the convenient ready-to-drink Snoooze definitely surprised us with just how effective it is when it comes to getting you to sleep and pushing for quality, deep sleep. The natural way the product provides those benefits is also a strong highlight for Snoooze, especially if you’re on the lookout for something different.

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