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You can now subscribe to Stack3d via text message in seven countries

subscribe to stack3d via text

In an effort to make it even easier to follow all of the supplement stories shared here at Stack3d, we’ve launched a new way to keep up with our website. We now have a text message service where you can subscribe to have all of the exciting posts from us text directly to your phone number.

We’ll be sending one text every day or two highlighting one of our biggest stories and giving you a nice reminder to check out everything else we’ve shared. The service is completely free and only available in certain parts of the world at the moment, although we do plan to expand the feature as it grows.

To sign up for the Stack3d text service simply message the word “subscribe” to +17028405228 for those in the US and Canada. For the United Kingdom which includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland text +447723462673, and for Australia, the number is +61480018913.

If you’d like to see the service expanded to include your country, feel free to let us know in the comments section below or reach out through our contact form.

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