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VMI Sports launches an unflavored DAA powder with improved digestibility

vmi sports daacc

DAACC is the newest supplement from VMI Sports, a brand that has been pretty frequent with releases since the start of the year dropping three entirely new products including Pump-XR. VMI’s new DAACC is a little simpler than the other supplements we’ve seen recently, being a powder formula made with only d-aspartic acid.

The form of d-aspartic acid in DAACC is slightly different from regular DAA as it is d-aspartic acid calcium chelate, which promises better digestibility for enhanced testosterone support. The supplement includes its title ingredient at a dose of 3.7g per serving in a convenient unflavored powder, making it easier to mix with other powders.

Like with all new supplements from VMI Sports, you can grab its newest creation first through its own online store over at Directly from the brand, DAACC will cost you $24.99 with the usual 30 servings per tub which will last you a full month when following its directions of a single serving per day.