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VMI combines fiber and probiotics for gut health and improved digestion

vmi sports fiber probiotics

VMI Sports is back again this week with another new supplement after already introducing four new products this year, two of which came in the past month. The latest from VMI is the fairly obvious supplement Fiber + Probiotics, featuring, of course, a combination of fiber and probiotics.

Like with most new products from VMI Sports, Fiber + Probiotics comes in a variety of flavor options with a total of three to choose from. Making up its menu is Chocolate Dream, Tropical Mango, and Orange Pineapple with each flavor packing the usual number of servings per tub at a total of 30.

As for the formula behind VMI Sport’ Fiber + Probiotics, it comes with an 11.4g fiber blend including the branded Fibersol-2, blueberry fiber, and psyllium husk. As for the probiotic side of the supplement, there is another blend with a combined total of one billion CFU from nine probiotic strains.

The goal of the latest VMI Sports’ product is to provide support for gut health with the help of the probiotics, as well as improved digestion from the fiber blend. Fiber + Probiotics is now available on the brand’s website, and it will cost you $24.99 for a full tub with all three flavors in stock.