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Xtend rebrands HydraSport as Xtend Sport featuring the same formula

xtend sport

Xtend has launched a fresh new version of its simpler hydration plus amino supplement, Xtend HydraSport. The hybrid product features the same combination of ingredients and at the same doses. The only changes are that it has a new name and a look more in tune with the rest of its lineup.

Xtend HydraSport is now officially titled Xtend Sport which still separates itself from the other Xtends by having a touch of blue to its branding. As mentioned, everything on the inside is the same with Xtend’s signature 7g of BCAAs plus a 1.89g electrolyte blend infused with BetaPower betaine.

Xtend Sport has been released in the same two flavors as HydraSport had on its menu with Strawberry Kiwi Splash and Blue Raspberry Ice, both packing 30 servings. It is available now through the brand’s online store as well as major grocery stores across the US including Walmart and Target.

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