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YT releases a powder version of Sports Drink in the one Orange flavor

yt orange sports drink powder

Norwegian supplement company YT has revealed and released a powder version of its original liquid product simply named Sports Drink, designed for during and after exercise. Previously the brand’s Sports Drink was only available in bottles with two flavors to choose from in Citrus and Orange.

YT’s new powder spin-off is also named Sports Drink and features a fairly similar combination of ingredients for the same goals and benefits. The brand’s latest effort is made with a handful of carbohydrate sources at a 2:1 ratio of glucose to fructose, providing 31g per serving with 20g of that sugar.

Alongside the carbohydrates, YT’s new Sports Drink Powder also includes a bunch of electrolytes to help improve hydration. While the original Sports Drink bottles have two tastes available, the powder spin-off comes in just the one flavor option at the moment in Orange.

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