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Apollos Hegemony launches the single ingredient nootropic Centrophenoxine

apollos hegemony centrophenoxine

The growing Polish company Apollos Hegemony kicked off 2019 with a number of new product announcements introducing the likes of Smart Caps and the DMHA powered Genous. After a little bit of silence, the brand is back this month with news of another entirely new product named Centrophenoxine.

The newest Apollos Hegemony supplement is named after its only ingredient with the DMAE derivative centrophenoxine, also known as meclofenoxate. The brand has dosed the ingredient at 300mg per capsule and promotes it as a nootropic agent that helps with mental focus, energy, and brain health.

You can now purchase the new Apollos Hegemony creation from the retailer Muscle Zone at €19.40 (21.80 USD) for a full 90 serving bottle. The brand directs users to take Centrophenoxine at between one to three capsules at a time, so an entire bottle could give you as many as 90 servings or as few as 30.

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