Big Zone releases an isolate protein named Straight Isolate

big zone straight isolate

German brand Big Zone has launched an all-new protein powder this month which is exactly as its name describes with Straight Isolate. The product is indeed, a straightforward isolate supplement providing a strong 27.3g of protein per serving all coming from high-quality, fast absorbing whey isolate protein.

The other macros making up a serving of Big Zone’s Straight Isolate are like most isolate formulas and are fairly lean with a gram of carbohydrates, just under a gram of fat, and 126 calories. There doesn’t appear to be any flavor promoted for the product, suggesting it may be straightforward in taste as well and comes in an unflavored powder.

Big Zone has made its all-new, simply whey isolate protein powder available first through its own online store at €25.11 (28.61 USD) for a full-size one-kilogram tub.