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Black Magic’s exclusive Day Spell looks intense with 375mg of caffeine

black magic day spell

Black Magic Day Spell is a focus enhancing product the up and coming brand Black Magic Supply has put together exclusively for the supplement store NutriFit. It is the first collaboration the company is coming out with, although not the only, as the brand does plan of teaming up with other retail partners to do the exact same thing.

The all-new Black Magic Day Spell which is due to be available for purchase from NutriFit and its website very soon, features a loaded mix of ingredients for increased energy and enhanced mental focus. Like most of the brand’s products, some of the formula is transparent, while the rest of its ingredients come wrapped up in a non-transparent blend.

The transparent features in Day Spell are tyrosine and DMAE dosed at a gram and 750mg respectively, and 600mg each of lion’s mane and alpha-GPC. As for the blend side of the supplement, it has an 1,010mg combination of PEA, caffeine, hordenine, caffeine citrate, pine bark, the branded ingredient Neurofactor, theophylline, arecoline HCl.

black magic day spell

The formula behind the Black Magic Day Spell actually looks quite intense, even compared to its other focus enhancing product Brain Waves. The brand’s new supplement comes with a very different set of ingredients, so the benefits and effects will likely feel different, especially since it has 25% more caffeine at 375mg per full serving.

As mentioned, Black Magic’s all-new energy and focus enhancing Day Spell is going to be available soon exclusively at NutriFit. It’ll come with the usual amount of 30 servings per tub, and unlike the brand’s other nootropic Brain Waves, it’ll be a flavored product available in the one candy-themed recipe with Crazy Candy.