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Muscle Sport announces two delicious new flavors for Lean Whey

coconut caramel lean whey

Muscle Sport has just unveiled the exciting new Lean Whey protein flavor it has been teasing over the past couple of weeks, and the news has come with some surprises. Firstly, the new flavor isn’t alone. As it turns out, the brand has put together two new Lean Whey options, both of which look and sound amazing.

The creative upcoming Lean Whey flavors are the Samoa Cookie inspired Coconut Caramel, and the traditional peanut butter and marshmallow themed Fluffernutter. Both of the delicious creations will be launching in Lean Whey’s 2lb and 5lb tub sizes during August, however, there are extra details worth knowing.

fluffernutter lean whey

The 2lb tubs of Coconut Caramel and Fluffernutter Lean Whey are going to be exclusively available from the supplement retailer the Vitamin Shoppe in the first of week of August. As mentioned, there will be a 5lb option for both flavors, which will be available from Muscle Sport’s website in the 2nd week of August.