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Cutler Nutrition shares a sneak peek at its upcoming isolate protein powder

cutler nutrition evolve

Jay Cutler already confirmed earlier this year, not too long after he debuted his all-new Cutler Nutrition supplement line, that a protein powder would be coming soon. It now looks like that product is closer to reality than ever, as the brand has shared a sneak peek of the upcoming supplement.

The Cutler Nutrition protein powder is going to be called Evolve, and it will be a clean, high-quality formula made with fast-absorbing whey isolate. Each serving of the product will provide 24g of protein with a lean total of 100 calories, which does mean it’ll be very low in carbohydrates and fat.

Cutler Nutrition Evolve is currently being promoted as releasing sometime soon, and it is going to have at least two cereal-themed flavors on its menu with Fruity Cereal and Cinnamon Cereal.