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Dedicated Crisp Bar Review: Deliciously sweet and incredibly competitive

The Crisp Bar is the first-ever edible product from the reputable Dedicated Nutrition, who is extremely well-known for its legendary Unstoppable pre-workout. The protein bar features an impressively lean nutrition profile with 20g of protein, 19g of carbohydrates, no added sugar, 8g of fat, and a total of 210 calories.

Dedicated Nutrition’s Crisp Bar comes in two great tasting flavors both of which we have our hands on for review with the white chocolate coated Caramel Peanuts, and the milk chocolate Chocolate Caramel. The protein bar is being launched in the UK and Europe as well as the very competitive US market.

dedicated crisp bar review


Not too surprising considering Dedicated Nutrition is the one behind the product, the Crisp Bar is one of the best tasting protein bars we’ve ever had. It features a deliciously sweet outer coating that as mentioned, is white chocolate flavored for the Caramel Peanuts Crisp Bar and milk chocolate for the Chocolate Caramel.

Along with the realistic and sweet chocolate coating, the protein bar from Dedicated Nutrition also has a bunch of crispy pieces spread across its outer layer. The two features of the Crisp Bar make a great first impression as you sink your teeth into it, although as delicious as they are, the best part of the product comes on the inside.

Underneath all of that sweet chocolate is a smooth and very easy-to-eat doughy body that is topped with a flavor-filled gooey layer. It is in that gooey area that Dedicated Nutrition’s Crisp Bar truly delivers, adding some delightful tastes to the mix that roll together perfectly with the crispy and crunchy chocolate outers.

dedicated crisp bar review

Overall, the Chocolate Caramel flavor of the Crisp Bar is dominated by a strong and delicious chocolate taste. You can sense a bit of caramel, although it is the almost brownie-like chocolate that steals the show. As for the Caramel Peanuts flavor, that is actually our favorite of the two purely because it has a wider variety of tastes.

Dedicated Nutrition’s white chocolate Crisp Bar is a great-tasting balance of sweet and rich rolled into the one protein bar. It has on-point white chocolate from the outside that thickens with the doughy middle as you chew, then it’s topped off with a subtle but strong peanut taste and a salty caramel flavor from the gooey layer, which altogether is a tough combination to beat.

dedicated crisp bar review


Considering the Crisp Bar is Dedicated Nutrition’s first-ever protein snack, it is an incredibly impressive release. The product packs a truly candy bar-like experience that is full of sweet and delicious flavors that you can’t help but enjoy and will have difficulty stopping at one bite as the snack is hard to put down.

Dedicated Nutrition’s Crisp Bar is right up there with some of the best protein bars in the world, which should have a lot of competing brands worried, more so for the future. If or when Dedicated expands the menu of the Crisp Bar, it will become a fierce competitor, especially if it can expand and deliver creative new flavors as strongly as it does with Caramel Peanuts.