Scandinavian brand Fast releases a more compact high protein bar

fast hit bar

The Scandinavian sports nutrition brand Fast, who has been in the game since 1996, has introduced an all-new protein bar this week. The brand’s latest effort is the Fast HIT Bar which is high in protein, low in sugar, and comes in two delicious looking flavors with Raspberry White Choco and Cashew Caramel.

Regarding overall weight, the new Fast HIT Bar isn’t all that large, tipping the scales at just 35g. The product provides 14g of protein in its Raspberry White Choco flavor and 10g in the Cashew Caramel variant, with milk protein and hydrolyzed collagen as its two primary sources of protein.

The other macros making up a single Fast HIT Bar are 9.8/9.4g (raspberry/cashew) of carbohydrates, less than 2g of sugar, 4.5/6g of fat, and a total of 127/131 calories. The nutrition profile is actually quite lean, at least with the Raspberry flavor, as the Cashew is a bit different with more calories and less protein.

Fans of the brand Fast as well as fans of protein bars, can order the all-new Fast HIT Bar today from the Scandinavian retailer MM Sports. Through there, the product will cost you 20 SEK (2.11 USD) per bar with no box or bulk purchase option available at the moment.