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Franky’s Bakery releases its flavored filled block of protein chocolate

frankys bakery protein chocolate

Protein Chocolate is the latest product from the functional food company Franky’s Bakery based out of Germany. The delicious new release is essentially a solid block of chocolate with a sweet flavor filling, providing a heavy amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and with several flavors to choose from.

You can get a glimpse of what Franky’s Bakery’s all-new Protein Chocolate looks like first-hand in the image below, and it does look quite tasty. It also actually looks very similar to the 4+ Nutrition product we reviewed in April with Filled Choco Joy, which features the same kind of build, body, and pattern on its individual pieces.

frankys bakery protein chocolate

As mentioned, the nutrition profile on Protein Chocolate from Franky’s Bakery is heavy on all of the major macronutrients packing a strong 24g of protein in an entire block. The fat is just a bit higher at 29g with the carbohydrates sitting on 40g, around 7g of sugar, and a total of 518 calories.

Another highlight of Franky’s Bakery Protein Chocolate is its menu, as it has hit the market with quite the variety of flavors to choose from. There is a milk chocolate version available in Toffee and Vanilla, a dark chocolate variant in Peanut and Cookie, and finally, a sweet white chocolate in Coconut and Strawberry.