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Nutrabio continues to Grape Crush Berry to more and more supplements

grape berry crush eaa pure

Every week since the start of the year, Nutrabio has dropped at least one new product whether it be another flavor for a current supplement or an entirely new supplement. In the past five weeks, we’ve seen the Stack3d Certified brand launch only new flavors, but one flavor in particular with Grape Berry Crush, for a whole bunch of products.

This week Nutrabio continues the expansion of its sweet Grape Berry Crush which was already available for its pre-workout Pre, Intra Blast, recovery formula Reload, its intense pre-workout Pre Extreme, and Alpha EAA. The brand’s Grape Berry Crush flavor can now also be found on the menus of BCAA 5000 and the brick and mortar exclusive EAA Pure.

You can already purchase Nutrabio’s Grape Berry Crush BCAA 5000 directly from its website at the product’s usual price of $29.99 per tub. As for the Grape Berry Crush EAA Pure however, seeing as that is exclusive to brick and mortar stores, you won’t see it in Nutrabio’s online store, but should be able to find it soon in the brand’s retail partners.

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