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Icon Meals teams up with Fokken Nuts for Iconic Freedom Spread

Iconic Freedom Spread

Last year we saw the meal prep company Icon Meals team up with the lifestyle brand Ghost for the delicious Cereal Milk Protein Popcorn. The product brought together Icon’s delicious and calorie-dense Protein Popcorn and the great-tasting Cereal Milk flavor of Ghost Whey protein powder.

This week Icon Meals has announced another collaboration with a completely different brand, although the resulting product looks just as amazing. This time around the company has teamed up with Fokken Nuts, a nut butter brand from IFBB Pro Brandan Fokken that makes some creatively flavored products.

The two have come together for a special edition flavor of Fokken Nuts peanut butter named Iconic Freedom Spread. As crazy as it sounds, the product is, in fact, a mash-up of Fokken Nuts peanut butter and actual Icon Meals’ colorful, Freedom flavored Protein Popcorn.

The meal prep company describes the product as “If Fruity Pebbles and Crunch Berry had a Baby, Freedom spread is what you’d get”. The upcoming collaboration between Icon Meals and Fokken Nuts is only going to be available in a limited amount and is due to launch next week for the 4th of July.