iWon puts together an even better way to enjoy its Protein Puffs and Stix

Jun 10th, 2019
iwon bigger bag size

Over the past year or so, the organic functional food brand iWon has been busy adding and introducing creative new high protein snacks. Just a few months ago, the brand launched its vegan-friendly protein cereal called Protein O’s that offers a realistic and different kind of protein experience.

This week iWon has unveiled another set of products, although this time it isn’t an entirely new product or even a new kind of flavor. The brand’s latest effort is actually an even better way to enjoy two of its chip style snacks with a significantly bigger bag size that is just over three times as large.

iWon has announced a new 5oz size of its Protein Puffs and Protein Stix, which usually only come in 1.5oz bags providing a total of 10g of protein. If the bigger bags have the same formula as the regular ones, you’ll obviously get a lot more protein with somewhere in the area 33g of protein per bag.

The 5oz bags of Protein Puffs and Protein Stix are set to hit iWon’s stores and stockists in the coming weeks with no word yet on if the option will be available through the brand’s own online store.