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KetoSports combines CBD, ketone ester, MCTs and more for BeKalm

ketosports bekalm

BeKalm is the newest supplement from KetoSports that keeps with the brand’s theme of being a ketogenic formula, and it is also one of the most unique products we’ve seen in quite some time. BeKalm actually brings together three kinds of supplements into the one liquid formula for an interesting combination of benefits.

KetoSports’ all-new BeKalm is a creative blend of nootropics, ketone ester, and C8 MCT oil giving it 14g of fat per serving, but if that wasn’t enough, the product also features a strong 15mg dose of zero THC CBD isolate. The brand promises enhanced cognition and a focused kind of relaxation, as well as increased ketone uptake.

As mentioned, KetoSports BeKalm definitely falls into the area of being a unique supplement, mostly because this is the first time we’ve seen a brand combine all of these ingredients. For those interested in giving BeKalm a try, you can grab it now from KetoSports’ website at the fairly hefty price of $134 for a 30 serving bottle.