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Battle Bites Review: Battle Snacks delivers another irresistible flavor

Mississippi Mud Pie Battle Bites review

Mississippi Mud Pie is the newest flavor of the delicious and flavor-filled Battle Bites from the UK brand Battle Snacks, which is also one of our top five bars in the world. The product is a limited edition release that won’t be around forever, so we decided to pick up the special new flavor for review and see if it tastes as good as it looks and sounds.


The recently released Mississippi Mud Pie Battle Bites features the protein bar’s signature consistency that is incredibly smooth to bite into, and even easier to chew. The product has a solid and sweet outer chocolate layer with the middle being a soft doughy consistency that is truly a joy to eat compared to most of its denser competitors.

Mississippi Mud Pie Battle Bites review

As for the actual flavor and taste of the Mississippi Mud Pie Battle Bites, it is exactly as advertised, and is our new favorite chocolate option for the protein bar. When the outer chocolate layer, star sprinkles, and doughy center all roll together in your mouth, the product leaves you with a rich and addictive mud pie like chocolate flavor.

The Mississippi Mud Pie Battle Bites has a variety of chocolate tastes that create sort of a chocolate adventure as you chew. The outside is where you get more of a sweet mix with the milk chocolate coating and white chocolate stars, then on the inside comes a dense, fudge brownie-like flavor that completes the whole experience.

Mississippi Mud Pie Battle Bites review


Mississippi Mud Pie is simply another great flavor for Battle Bites and is now one of our favorites from its menu. The sweet and tasty Birthday Cake is still probably our number choice for the protein bar, although Mississippi Mud Pie is right up there. It may not have the sweetness of Birthday Cake, but its variety of tastes more than makes up for it.