MST continues its spree of new releases with the simple GABA 2200

Jun 27th, 2019
mst nutrition gaba 2200

The European company MST Nutrition continues its run of new supplement releases this week with the introduction of a simple product called GABA 2200. The supplement gets its name from its one main ingredient which is of course GABA, and the dose it’s included at with 2,200mg in a full four-capsule serving.

An entire bottle of MST Nutrition’s GABA 2200 has 100 capsules, meaning you’ll get a total of 25 servings when using its full four-capsules each time. Just like the brand’s other new products announced this week with the pre-workout Amino Pump and BCAA & EAA Zero; GABA 2200 is now out and available for purchase.

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