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Muscle Sport keeps the teasers coming for its next new Lean Whey flavor

marshmallow possible lean whey

Muscle Sport has dropped another teaser regarding the mystery new flavor of its great tasting protein powder Lean Whey, which it first mentioned a couple of weeks ago. The brand’s latest teaser doesn’t really give us any new information with another blurred out image, although it does provide some ideas.

In the new image from Muscle Sport for its upcoming Lean Whey, we get a vague look at the various tastes that have to do with the product. While we can’t see anything overly clearly, it looks like regardless of what the name of the flavor is, it involves marshmallows along with caramel or possibly even chocolate.

Muscle Sport is expected to be launching the still very mytersious Lean Whey flavor within the next couple of months. As confirmed by the brand, we do also know the product will be exclusive to some one, so whatever the flavor turns out to be, you aren’t going to be able to find it in all of the usual places.