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Muscletech’s Amazon exclusive Prime Series is now fully in stock

muscletech prime series

Last week when we officially introduced Muscletech’s all-new Prime Series of supplements developed exclusively for Amazon, not all of the items were immediately available. If you head on over to the major online retailer now, you’ll see all four of the line’s products are in stock and at some fairly competitive prices.

Previously we only knew the costs on about half of Muscletech’s Prime Series with the pre-workout at $18.99 and the amino at $17.99. This week we can confirm the Prime Series collagen formula is a little more than those two at $19.99, and the line’s 100% Whey Protein is $28.86 for a 2lb tub and $43.54 for the larger 5lb.

For more information on the Muscletech Prime Series, you can check out our post from last week going over each of the supplements in the line. You can also visit Amazon for more details on the Prime Series pre-workout, amino, collagen, and protein, and of course purchase any of them from there as well.