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The FDA adds n-methyltyramine and octopamine to its advisory list


Earlier this year the Food and Drug Administration more simply known as the FDA, introduced the Dietary Supplement Ingredient Advisory List. It is a new tool designed to promptly inform the public of potentially unlawful ingredients found in supplements currently on the market.

The FDA’s advisory list started out with four ingredients including 1,4 DMAA, higenamine, andarine, and hordenine. This week another two have been added to the Dietary Supplement Ingredient Advisory List, and just like some of those first few, they can be found in several supplements.

The new ingredients the FDA has added to its advisory list are n-methyltyramine, also known as NMT, and octopamine. The FDA describes the ingredients on its list as not appearing to be lawful dietary ingredients and that consumers, retailers, and manufacturers may wish to avoid them.