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Beast Sports drops the formula behind its Guerrilla Chemist nootropic

neuro beast

Beast Sports has completely unveiled its second supplement collaboration with the reputable and informative Guerrilla Chemist. The first product the brand teamed up with him for was the testosterone booster Super Test Maximum, with the newest one being the focusing enhancing formula Neuro Beast.


As you’d expect coming from the Guerrilla Chemist, Beast Sports Neuro Beast features a full-on mix of ingredients for a complete focus enhancing experience. Like a lot of other focus supplements lately, Neuro Beast is caffeinated, so you may not want to go mixing it with other stimulant powered products.

The Beast Sports collaboration packs all of its features into a rather large three-capsule serving size, with a total of 1.76g of active ingredients. You can see its full list of features directly below including highlights such as 400mg of alpha-GPC, 200mg of caffeine, 375mg of lion’s mane, and 25mg of an ingredient we don’t see all that much of anymore in noopept.

neuro beast


As you can see, Neuro Beast comes with quite a wide variety of ingredients, with Beast Sports promoting a well-rounded mix of benefits from the combination. The Guerrilla Chemist collaboration promises to help increase energy and mental focus, enhance memory and cognition, as well as support overall brain health.


As far as we know, Beast Sports is still due to launch its promising focus supplement Neuro Beast, sometime in during the next month or so. It’ll come with the usual amount of 30 servings per bottle, and if its anything like Beast Sports’ last Guerrilla Chemist collaboration, Neuro Beast will be available first through