Nutrex launches its second Natural Series product with Lipo-6 Natural

Jun 25th, 2019
nutrex lipo-6 natural

Lipo-6 Natural is Nutrex’s second supplement for its recently released Natural Series which started out with just the vegan-friendly protein powder, Plant Protein. The product is actually quite different formula wise, from the brand’s other Lipo-6 products, with seven transparently dosed ingredients.

Nutrex’s newest Natural Series supplement Lipo-6 Natural, promises quite an impressive mix of benefits, and all from a single-capsule serving. The product is made with only plant-based ingredients that intend to help with energy, mental focus, appetite control, cravings, and metabolism activation.

nutrex lipo-6 natural

As for the seven ingredients in Lipo-6 Natural included to deliver those effects, there is 200mg of theobroma and 250mg of coffea robusta providing 98% caffeine. There is also 50mg each of coleus forskohlii, ashwagandha, and apple cider vinegar, 20mg of grains of paradise, and 5mg of the absorption enhancer black pepper.

As per usual, the first place stocking Nutrex’ newest supplement release is its own online store over at Through there you can now pick up the all-natural, plant-based product for $29.99 per bottle, or if you’re a part of our Stack3d Insider program, you can use your exclusive code and get it for $25.50.

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