It looks like Nutrex might have Outlift and Lipo-6 in its Natural Series

Jun 9th, 2019
nutrex natural series

Last month Nutrex introduced its first-ever Natural Series supplement with the plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powder Plant Protein. To round out this week, the brand has revealed that there are at least two other products in the line, one of which is a powder formula and the other comes in a boxed bottle of capsules.

For now, Nutrex has not revealed what its second and third Natural Series supplements are called, although we do feel pretty confident in guessing what they are. The powder formula in the all-natural line looks like it’ll be the pre-workout Outlift Natural, mostly because of the benefits and ingredients we can see for the mystery product.

As for the capsule item, we suspect it is a Natural Series version of Nutrex’s signature fat burner named something like Lipo-6 Natural. We base that guess on the fact that the second mystery supplement comes in a box, which is something the brand currently only packages its Lipo-6 family of weight loss products in.

Nutrex plans on fully unveiling its second and third Natural Series supplements sometime next week, with the availability of the suspected Outlift Natural and Lipo-6 Natural expected to come soon after.

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