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Golf themed Parform previews its upcoming BCAA formula Ace Hydration

parform ace hydration

The golf sports nutrition brand Parform from co-founder Jeremy Deluca, started things off in the industry in a very different way. Not only is Parform the only supplement brand we know of geared towards the sport of golf, but it also entered the market with a protein bar as opposed to the usual pre-workout or amino.

While Parform did start out with the protein snack named the Birdie Bar, it has since added a protein powder to its lineup and is now getting ready to introduce yet another supplement. The brand has revealed it has put together an amino formula named Ace Hydration featuring BCAAs for recovery as well as some ingredients for hydration.

For now, Parform has not revealed the facts panel for Ace Hydration, but has confirmed the supplement’s BCAAs will be dosed at 5g per serving. The amino product will also have 70 calories per serving and is expected to launch soon in a 30 serving tub and in at least one flavor which appears to be Bomb Pop inspired.

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