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Mega Pre Red set to replace Mega Pre Black with much better flavors

mega pre red

The Mega Pre supplements prove that Primeval Labs is more than capable of putting together competitive pre-workouts. Mega Pre is the brand’s stimulant free formula that shows it doesn’t need to be just about pumps when you leave out stims, with its other Mega Pre being Mega Pre Black, which is a powerful, all-around pre-workout.

The Stack3d Certified Primeval Labs has now revealed that another Mega Pre product is coming down the pipeline, although it is actually going to be a replacement. The new supplement is being referred to as Mega Pre Red due to its all red label, and is going to be taking over Mega Pre Black’s position as the brand’s stimulant pre-workout.

Primeval Labs is saying Mega Pre Red will have a different mix of ingredients compared to the intense Mega Pre Black, but still intends to provide a complete pre-workout experience. For now, we can confirm two ingredients for the supplement with 6g of citrulline for pumps just like Mega Pre Black, and a strong 400mg of caffeine for energy.

With Mega Pre Black currently being one of our top five pre-workouts on the market, we’re more than hyped to see what Primeval Labs has come up with as its replacement. Mega Pre Red is also said to taste a whole lot better and will have three flavors to choose from when it arrives in Gummy Bear, Strawberry Pineapple, and Smashberry.