SNS brings back SYN-30 with a new look and form of synephrine

Jun 7th, 2019
sns syn-30

Serious Nutrition Solutions has brought back a previously discontinued supplement this month with its synephrine formula SYN-30. The returning product is much the same as the original, still featuring synephrine as its one and only ingredient in a huge cost-effective 180 capsule bottle.

The changes SNS has made to SYN-30 include a fresh new look for its label, so it fits in with the brand’s many other supplements on the market. It has also changed the form of synephrine in the product from synephrine HCl to synephrine from the branded Advantra Z bitter orange extract.

SNS has launched its refreshed SYN-30 that aims to help with energy, appetite, and weight loss, through its website for the competitive price of $19.99 for a full 180 capsule bottle.

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