Grenade’s tasty Carb Killa Shake now comes in Strawberries and Cream

Jun 6th, 2019
strawberries and cream carb killa shake

The Carb Killa Shake is Grenade’s great-tasting ready-to-drink spin-off of its original Carb Killa protein bar. It is one of the most enjoyable RTDs we’ve come across and that goes for all of its six flavors, and better yet, it is practically available everywhere in the United Kingdom.

This week Grenade has expanded its Carb Killa Shake menu pushing it from six flavors up to a total of seven. The newest flavor of the delicious high protein shake is its second-ever fruity recipe with Strawberries and Cream, which we can only assume tastes just as good as all of the others.

Grenade’s Strawberries and Cream Carb Killa Shake is now available from the brand’s UK and European stores with a handful of options. You can get the product in packs of eight for £15/€24, and in the shake’s larger 500ml size individually for £3.50/€4, and in packs of six for £21/€24.50.