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Swft Stims announces a two supplement collaboration with Delta Sport

swft stims delta sport collaboration

Last year we saw something we’d never seen before in this industry with the first-ever supplement brand collaboration. Pitbull Labs announced a partnership with NTel Nutra, while Black Market teamed up with a handful of brands including Myogenix, and the reputable Inspired.

This week, the fast-growing company Swft Stims has announced a collaboration of its own with fellow supplement brand Delta Sport. While Delta Sport is not a name we’ve ever come across before, it is great to see another two companies come together and create what we expect to be something exciting.

Swft Stims has shared an image with the big announcement featuring two powder products that look to have a brain of the front, which suggests they’re focus enhancing formulas. The fact that there are two also suggests the mystery collaboration will have two flavors or variations to choose from.

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