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Christian Guzman’s newest Ghost Legend has arrived at $40 after discount

christian guzman ghost legend

Ghost’s highly-anticipated and fullest version of its pre-workout Ghost Legend to date, is now finally available. The product we’re talking about is of course the original lifestyle brand’s third Christian Guzman edition Ghost Legend that features a slightly different formula compared to the pre-workout’s regular variant.

The newest Guzman Ghost Legend comes loaded with ingredients for energy, focus, pumps and performance, including a huge but tingle-reduced dose of beta-alanine at 6.4g. The place to go to get your hands on the new supplement is Ghost’s website with a very limited amount of stock available through its US store.

The price on Christian Guzman’s third special edition Ghost Legend is just a bit more than the regular version at $49.99, and you do also get slightly fewer servings with 20. The product’s loaded formula should make up for the difference in value, and you can also use our Insider coupon for 20% off to drop it to $40.