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Anabolic Warfare joins the GDA market with a fully transparent formula

anabolic warfare gda

GDA is the latest supplement release from Anabolic Warfare who only just revamped and re-released its intense fat burner Phena-Lean. As per the name of the product, GDA is the brand’s glucose disposal agent, which is a type of supplement that typically helps your body utilize carbohydrates more efficiently.

Anabolic Warfare’s list of benefits for its GDA competitor is actually quite extensive including support to fight sugar cravings and increase lean muscle. It also promises to promote carbohydrate metabolism and help regulate glucose levels.

anabolic warfare gda

The newest product from Anabolic Warfare comes with a lot of the usual GDA ingredients, and all of which are transparently listed with their exact doses. We’ve added the supplement’s facts panel above for your convenience featuring highlights such as 200mg of berberine, half a gram of gymnema, and 25mg of the weight loss ingredient, grains of paradise.

Like a lot of other GDAs, Anabolic Warfare directs users to take its entry into the category with a carbohydrate-heavy meal. If you’d like to purchase a bottle, the best place to go is the brand’s own online store over at, where the product will cost you $39.99 for a full 30 serving bottle.