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Anabolic Warfare reformulates its stimulant powered fat burner Phena-Lean

anabolic warfare phena-lean

The efficient and fast-growing brand Anabolic Warfare has revamped one of its previously released supplements this month with the powerful fat burner Phena-Lean. The product still intends to provide a well-rounded experience with strong, long-lasting energy as well as overall weight loss support.

The changes Anabolic Warfare has made to Phena-Lean are all related to its formula where it has added and removed just a few ingredients. The supplement no longer comes with the stimulant DMHA, although as mentioned, the brand has added in a number of new features to ensure it maintains its reputation.

anabolic warfare phena-lean

All of the ingredients in Anabolic Warfare’s updated Phena-Lean come wrapped up in a blend weighing 596mg per serving. Some of the highlights from that blend include two forms of caffeine in regular and dicaffeine malate; isopropylnorsynephrine for energy; and the premium ingredients Paradoxine and Lean GBB for enhanced thermogenesis and fat loss.

Fans of Anabolic Warfare interested in trying out the reformulated weight loss product can find in stock and available for purchase today from the brand’s website. A full bottle will cost you $54.99, which is enough to supply you for the usual 30 days of use when taking its maximum of one capsule twice a day.