The next Bang flavor will be launched for five different products

Jul 10th, 2019
bang five product flavor release

VPX Sports recently revealed that a new flavor is on the way for both Bang Energy as well as its high protein Bang Keto Coffee. While the brand has still yet to reveal what flavor either of those products are due to have added to their menus, it has just dropped a very interesting detail that makes it even more difficult to guess what’s coming.

The big news is that the brand has put together the same new flavor for both Bang Energy and Bang Keto Coffee. To make things even more intriguing VPX will be launching that same flavor for three other products as well with its compact Bang Energy Shot, the Bang Master Blaster pre-workout, and the upcoming CBD beverage Stoked.

While we were already short on guesses at VPX’s newest creation due to its white, blue and pink color scheme not pointing to any specific taste, we’re now even more lost for ideas. The brand is also heavily hyping the flavor with its CEO Jack Owoc saying, “YOU have MY word that this will be the most EPIC BANG ENERGY LAUNCH EVER!”

As per usual we’re extremely excited to see how this flavor turns out, and also very intrigued now knowing it is an option that is going to be available for such a broad range of products.

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